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Top Common Part 107 Drone Regulations 
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KAN Aerial: Top Common Part 107 Drone Regulations

The introduction of Part 107 drone regulations in 2016 is considered a major milestone for the commercial drone industry. In Manhattan, Kansas, a city known for its innovation, these regulations have enabled local drone companies to expand their operations and services. With Part 107, drone operators are required to comply with specific guidelines and regulations in order to safely operate a drone. Here are the top five Part 107 regulations for flying drones in Manhattan, Kansas.

  1. Fly only during daylight hours: Part 107 requires drone operators to fly only during daylight hours unless they are equipped with anti-collision lights that are visible for at least three miles.
  2. Keep your drone within the visual line of sight: All drone operators must keep the drone within their visual line of sight at all times.
  3. Fly below 400 feet: drone operators must keep their drones below 400 feet above ground level, except when flying within 400 feet of a structure.
  4. Respect airspace restrictions: drone operators must always respect airspace restrictions and not fly in controlled airspace without prior authorization.
  5. Respect privacy: drone operators must respect their neighbor’s privacy and not fly over private property without permission.

Part 107 regulations help ensure the safety of those operating drones in Manhattan,

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