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We’re Your Local Kansas Drone Services Experts!

If you’re looking for the best Kansas drone services, you can count on KAN Aerial. We’re based in Manhattan KS and service a wide variety of Kansas locations with aerial drone video and photography services that will fit your needs. Taking our services to the next level, we also offer expert video editing, that will sky-rocket your project to the next level. If you need an aerial drone company for your next project that is professional and can provide results, then you came to the right place! Take a look at schedule directly online with us!

We’re a locally owned small business and understand the demands and needs of fellow small businesses. If you have questions about the drone services we offer, our coverage area, or need help scheduling, give us a call or send a message!
Drone Imaging

Creative Aerial Kansas Drone Services

The Kansas real estate market place is already very aware of drone imaging opportunities, that’s why it’s critical to have a unique point-of-view for your listed properties for sale. We develop video marketing campaigns that help a real estate group provide one of a kind experiences! You get property imaging that shows potential buyers the full view of a property from anywhere in the world.
Our aerial imaging goes beyond just real estate sales that you’ll get from other drone service providers. We help present your business from the air to add that incredible wow factor to your next online marketing campaign.
Real Estate Services

The Best Kansas Real Estate Services

Drones are showing up in more places every day! For some, drones are considered a nuisance, but for others, drones offer new methods of working smarter and safer. At KAN Aerial, we provide services that can help your business ensure safer work environments while collecting those amazing real estate shots for your listings.
Our services range from construction beautifully composed video listings, to land (acre) mapping, all at the quality you’re looking for. We KAN Aerial are here to help with your real estate and building needs!
Drone Frequently Ask Questions

KAN Aerial FAQ's

Can I fly a drone during civil twilight?

Yes, but you probably shouldn’t. Some countries, like the US, allow commercial drones to be operated during civil twilight. Morning and evening civil twilight is defined explicitly by the FAA. Still, they mostly are the time between the sun being at six degrees above or below the horizon and fully setting or rising. In some cases, this could be the only time you can fly. However, we still recommend avoiding photogrammetric drone surveying during this time because such low light can adversely affect photo quality.

When should I schedule my drone services?

You can schedule for just about any time that’s on our available in our services; however, there are some ideal times to consider! If you want to get some fantastic videos with perfect lighting, consider sometime between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. During this time, the sun is beaming straight down, providing an overall exposure you may not get if you schedule sooner or later.

What are your prices?

This depends on the services! The pricing can largely vary based on the project needs (such as time of day, the size of acres, how high/low we're flying, and general liability) can change this pricing quite a bit. We ask that you submit a free estimate, or contact us, so we can help narrow down this price for you!

Flying during sunset or sunrise?

It’s all about the Golden Hours. Often you may not have a choice when you are going to film something, just because shoots are usually set up far in advance and have many unpredictable factors involved. However, if you do have a choice, by now, the best hours for cinematic drone imagery are the Golden Hours of the day at Sunrise and Sunset. The long shadows during the golden hour will help define terrains’ features.

It should also be noted that fewer people typically film at these times, so just by doing this one essential step, you are already helping to differentiate your drone footage.

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An Amazing View

Storytelling From The Air With Drone Videography

At one time, aerial videography had to be produced by chartering helicopters and planes, which was a tedious and expensive project! These outdated procedures have been modernized with the use of drone videography and drone photography. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are growing in popularity for the cinematic industry. It’s more than 100 times more affordable to use drones than before, so now is the time to take advantage of our Kansas drone services for your next project!

Drone Videos
Our Portfolio

Examples Of Our Kansas Drone Services

KAN Aerial provides high-quality custom Kansas drone photography services that will blow you away! We pride ourselves with the highest quality of photography around. View some of our work, and take a look at our portfolio!
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